Released – Simple:Press Version 5.5.0

Posted on Jun 01, 2014

june1As promised and on target – Simple:Press version 5.5.0 has today been released and should be showing up in user’s update panels right about now. Lot’s of good things in 5.5.0, some of which have been discussed here over the past few weeks but the big one for us is, of course, the introduction of Child Themes.

As always, you can visit the Change Log panel in the forum admin Toolbox to see just what has been squeezed into this release and to find out whether your favourite item has been addressed.

And for those with customised themes you can see the list of changes as usual on the 5.5.0 theme change page of our codex. And with Child Themes this is going to get a lot easier!

Please note that a lot of our plugins have been updated for 5.5.0 and released at the same time. This is largely because we made some structural changes to the way admin forms display which effected all plugins that have an admin form component. As always – we do recommend that users update all their Simple:Press plugins at the same time.

The only thing shared by Simple:Press version 5.5.0 and the seminal Beatles album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is that they both released on June 1st. But hey – I was feeling nostalgic! Because unlike most of you reading this, I still well remember that sunny June 1st of 1967 when I handed over something like 33 shillings and heard this masterpiece for the very first time.