Security and Bug Fix Update to 4.3.1

Posted on Jul 20, 2010

Following the recent update to our 4.2 series (WordPress 2.9) we have now released the promised update to 4.3.1 for WordPress version 3. This too contains important security changes and we recommend our users update their system as soon as they can.

Along with the security changes we have taken the opportunity to address some issues raised by users over the last couple of weeks. The main items of note are:

Also – we have continued in our drive to load javascript in the footer. This can be turned on and off on the WP Integration panel. Please note that for this feature to work your theme MUST contain the mandatory wp_footer() call which, sadly, so many theme authors leave out.

As always we would like to especially thank those of our users who provided time, assistance and testing of some of the bug fixes without you, some of those bugs would still be unresolved.