Simple:Press 5.2.0 Released

Posted on Dec 11, 2012

snowIt’s not really snowing where I am but it feels like it might be on the way which is all the more reason for me to be inside in the warm, working away on Simple:Press!

We have pleasure in releasing our latest version – 5.2.0 –  and hope that there is something here for everyone. I covered most of the hot topics in the last post but several more small fixes and enhancements made it into the cut including one of my own favourites – the Integrated Editor Toolbar.

We were beginning to see growing ‘clutter’ beneath the editing window and the submit button for a forum post seemed to be getting further and further away what with plugins adding new components all the time. So we would like to introduce the new Toolbar that tidies it all up and get’s it all back to a clean look. You can turn it on and try it out in the Global Display Settings options admin panel.

And as detailed in the last blog post – the real big item for 5.2 is the aggregation of CSS and JavaScript files. And you can turn that on in the Global Settings options admin panel. And we thoroughly recommend that you do.

Added all together 5.2.0 amounts to over 80 changes – some big and some small. While it is not strictly needed for the latest WordPress 3.5 it is a good idea to upgrade both together.

The full change log can be viewed as always in the forum admin Toolbox.

For those that have customised their themes there are, as always, some inevitable style additions, new template display functions and some changes – especially to support the new Editor Toolbar. As always you can see a full description of these changes on our Codex – Theme Changes section.

For our translators it has also been a busy few months and there are changes to both the core Simple:Press and the Admin – all of the four Themes and the following plugins: Pluload – File Uploader, Polls, Post Preview, Post Rating, Subscriptions, Syntax Highlighting and Tags. And when, shortly, the new TinyMCE editor plugin is released – there are a few changes needed for that as well.

New and recent plugins now available for translation also include Ban Users,and Post As.

And let me finish with news of three new plugins about to be released that will bring our plugin library up to a grand total of 40 offerings. The first one is AutoLink which will allow you to set up hyperlinks to key words that will automatically form links when they show up in forum posts. The second is Answers Topic – which allows your users to mark the forum post that best answered their question although this can be adapted easily for many alternate uses. And then, of course, the much discussed Post by Email plugin will get released shortly after 5.2.0.

Oh yes – and if you found and reported a bug – then we hope we have included the fix for you in this release.