Simple:Press 4.4.5 Now Available

Posted on Jun 25, 2011

Today, we have released Simple:Press Version 4.4.5. This is primarily a bug fix release to coincide with the WordPress 3.2 release cycle. WordPress version 3.2 is currently in RC2 status and will be released any day. Simple:Press version 4.4.4 (the previous release) works just fine with WP 3.2 so an upgrade is not required unless you want to get the bug fixes.

Some of the bugs squashed were an issue with using wp smileys, images from flickr and photobucket clashing with oembeds, wp/sp comment interspersing, icon text not saving in options, tinymce spellchecker and tinymce paste plain text. You can see all the changes on our bug tracker page for 4.4.5.

It is a also worth noting that we updated all of the Simple:Press Icon Sets for this release as part of the icon text not saving in the options issue. So you may want to grab our latest icon sets too though not required if you are not having any issues.

Please head over to our downloads page and grab 4.4.5. This really does clear the decks for 5.0 development which is starting an Alpha testing period beginning July 1.

The affected files are listed below:

M simple-forum/sf-hooks.php
M simple-forum/styles/editors/tinymce/ui.css
M simple-forum/styles/icons/default/ICON_DEFAULTS.php
M simple-forum/styles/icons/three-en/ICON_DEFAULTS.php
M simple-forum/styles/icons/two-en/ICON_DEFAULTS.php
M simple-forum/styles/icons/ash/ICON_DEFAULTS.php
M simple-forum/styles/icons/four-en/ICON_DEFAULTS.php
M simple-forum/sf-loader-admin.php
M simple-forum/admin/panel-options/forms/sfa-options-style-form.php
M simple-forum/admin/panel-options/support/sfa-options-prepare.php
M simple-forum/admin/panel-options/support/sfa-options-save.php
M simple-forum/forum/forms/sf-form-login.php
M simple-forum/forum/sf-page-components.php
M simple-forum/linking/sf-links-comments.php
M simple-forum/library/sf-filters.php
M simple-forum/install/sf-install.php
M simple-forum/install/sf-upgrade.php
M simple-forum/sf-constants.php
M simple-forum/editors/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/editor_plugin.js
M simple-forum/editors/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/css/content.css
M simple-forum/editors/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/classes/utils/JSON.php
M simple-forum/editors/tinymce/plugins/spellchecker/classes/utils/Logger.php
M simple-forum/editors/tinymce/sf-tinyinit.php
M simple-forum/sf-control.php
M simple-forum/messaging/ahah/sf-ahah-pm-manage.php