Simple:Press 5.1.4 Released

Posted on Sep 22, 2012

As our latest release of Simple:Press – version 5.1.4 – just happens to coincide with the equinox, an image of the approaching Autumn seemed appropriate. Well – appropriate for me anyway living up here in the northern hemisphere!

Version 5.1.4 is primarily a bug-fix/minor enhancement release. The full list of the 76 items and 2 new plugins can be found in the changelog available from the forum toolbox. Hopefully all of our users who have reported an issue – and we thank you for those – will find the fix in today’s update.

There is one important item we would especially like to point out. One or two of our users noticed some problems with old, shortened links in posts. We would like to thank Peter, a user, who contributed some code for cleaning these up and this is going to happen as part of the update. If you have a lot of posts in your forum this may take a little longer than usual so don’t panic if the progress bar seems to get stuck for a little while.

One item we have removed in 5.1.4 is the group of options to allow users to customise the colours of the forum admin panels. We do not think this loss will effect many users but if it does then sorry it has been removed. The WordPress team have been changing a lot of the admin CSS for the forthcoming WP 3.5 and it was getting more and more difficult – and pointless – to keep the options in place. We hope it wont be missed.

Two new plugins are also being made available today. These are a Birthday plugin and one to give Thanks to posts. For those of you awaiting the promised Post by Email plugin we are almost ready to go with that also but need to get the documentation in place in our Codex first as it is a little more complex than most.

As always we will now be turning our attention to what comes next and as always you can follow progress via the Information/Bug Tracker menu at the top of the page but just to whet the appetite and for those patiently waiting I can say that a mobile SP theme is the number 1 item on the agenda and preparatory work is well under way.