Simple:Press Update 5.5.10 Released

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

passwordToday, we have issued a new version of Simple:Press. This release is a compatibility release for WordPress 4.3. In that release, the WP developers changed how setting passwords work in WordPress for new accounts. This change was communicated to developers, however, they also updated a pluggable function for sending an email to new users with their new account information that was not communicated. It makes perfect sense that they had to change the pluggable function, but since it wasn’t communicated, we were not aware and then we also missed the change in our release testing. So there you have our compatibility release. After upgrading Simple:Press please check your Simple:Press new user email options to make sure they are configured the way you want. Also, if you use our HTML Email plugin, you will want to grab the updated version of that plugin.