Simple:Press Version 5.2 Update #1

Posted on Oct 31, 2012

Version 5.1.5 or version 5.2? Well we still don’t know yet! We have lapsed a bit on our blog posts recently what with vacations and extra heavy workloads so we thought it was about time for a quick update on development progress of whatever the next release will be called.

But – of course – the same vacation and extra heavy workload have also limited the time spent on development although there has been one new plugin since 5.1.4 was released which is the ‘Post As’ plugin – a small enhancement that allows an Admin to make a post as any other member – something that a couple of our users asked for even if a little specialist.

There is also the usual round of bug-fixes, minor tweaks and enhancements and as always we thank our users who point out and find these things we have missed. We also thank you for your patience when waiting for the fix to be released.

The long gestation period of the ‘Post by Email’ plugin is coming to an end and we are looking for anyone who would like to test it out on a beta basis. If this is you and you are happy to give it a spin as beta then please make a request in the plugins forum and we will send it out to you.

Probably the most eagerly awaited project on the horizon is a Mobile SP Theme and we can report that work on that is progressing well if slowly. Some of the mechanics have been designed and prototyped but there is still a long way to go. But it is getting priority treatment – this is something we need as well after all.

One other piece of interesting news is that it looks like we may soon be releasing a new TinyMCE Editor plugin that utilises the built in WordPress version and can therefore take advantage of WP TinyMCE updates. Whether this will completely replace our current plugin or be made available as an alternative is yet to be decided.

On a final note – we will be depth testing SP 5.1.4 with the soon to be released WP 3.5 over the next week just to make sure things still hum along as they should. If we encounter any issues then rest assured – we will release an update to coincide with the WP release when it happens.

Oh yes – for those that celebrate such frivolity – happy Halloween. I knew there was a reason I picked that photo!