Simple:Press Version 5.5.1 – Right-to-Left Language Support

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

update-newsOne of the long overdue developments we are currently working on, with an eye to getting it into version 5.5.1 – is proper support for right to left languages.

I think one of the main reasons developers in the left-to-right language world are sometimes overly hesitant to build in proper RTL support is simply because they are entering, what is to them, the unknown!

And because RTL translations for Simple:Press in languages such as Hebrew do not yet exist – even if we can not read them! – it leaves us somewhat unsure if we are actually doing things correctly.

Which is why we could really do with some help and have someone who can look at what we are working on and advise us on whether it is working as they need and expect. And if that person is you then please do get in touch using the Contact link on our sidebar. Please do work with us to ensure the development delivers the right level of support for your language.