Simple:Press Version 5.5.3 and Christmas

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Christmas-TreeI don’t think we have ever had a release quite so close to Christmas before but what better way to celebrate the fact than with a picture of an appropriately decorated Christmas tree!

Simple:Press version 5.5.3 goes hand in hand with the latest WordPress – version 4.1. Please note that alongside our 5.5.3 release we are also releasing a large number of updated themes and plugins and recommend – as always of course – that our users upgrade all of the components when they upgrade their core WordPress version.

As usual – the changelog from your forum toolbox will display a complete list of the changes, fixes and enhancements for this version and for those with custom themes, the theme and template change document on our codex should be looked at. This is particularly important with this release because of the change to tooltips.

Changes to ToolTips

It has been reluctantly necessary to change the script library responsible for the display of ToolTips throughout Simple:Press. The previous script was not properly supported by some Windows/Internet Explorer combinations which was causing some users inevitable problems. The introduction of an alternate script overcomes this problem but sadly requires some minor CSS additions for them to display correctly which effects all users running a custom theme. We are sorry this has had to happen but it was sadly inevitable for the continued support of Windows and IE.

Other than ToolTips, our Subscriptions plugin has been completely revamped in order to improve performance and database usage, we have added some extra online help – especially around the activation of Simple:Press plugins, we have one new plugin in the field (Event Logging) and another about to be released – HTML Emails – and have fixed or corrected many small bugs and issues raised by users.

And with that we would like to wish our users a great Christmas but – even more importantly – a successful and fulfilling 2015. And we will see you there.