Simple:Press Version 5.5.4 Now Available

Posted on Feb 01, 2015

In the spirit of our plan to issue smaller releases more often – aided by the unusual fact that we don’t have anything coded that is dependent upon the next release of WordPress – we are pleased to push out the next update to Simple:Press – version 5.5.4. This will be accompanied by a simultaneous release of a large number of our plugins that, in one way or another, are dependent upon the new core version. So please remember not to update one without the other.

Most of the changes coming in 5.5.4 are reported bug fixes, small clean-ups or minor enhancement’s. And much of that work has revolved around Simple:Press theme handling making things even easier to quickly create child themes.

checkboxesThe one major exception to this is the removal of the old Checkbox and Radio Button script we have been using for a long time that is no longer holding up it’s end and has caused a small handful of users problems in the last release. In its place we have established a CSS solution which will be released in all available themes today. If you use a custom theme and want to take advantage of this then, as always, you can find the necessary changes to make on our codex at the 5.5.4 Theme Changes page.

Anyone who visits us often will have noticed the new look introduced over the recent holidays and in particular, may have noticed the new theme here we have been beta testing. Named ‘Reboot’, the good news is that we feel this is ready for release and hope to follow up todays releases very soon and make the new theme available to members. More on that to come.