Simple:Press Version 5.5 – Password Strength Meter

Posted on May 12, 2014

update-newsIn our continuing blog updates on Simple:Press version 5.5, we are happy to introduce another improvement coming in Simple:Press 5.5! We will now be providing a password strength meter on the forum profile accounts form for users changing their password.

We have had several users lament about their users creating simple passwords or even one letter passwords. While we, as a plugin for WordPress, have chosen to use the account management that WP provides instead of recreating the wheel, we can provide some visual cues.

Since WP by default allows simple or single letter passwords, that will continue until WP changes it. But now, we are bringing the password strength meter WP introduced in admin profile to the profile form on the forum front end. So at least now users will get a visual cue that they may want to rethink their password.