Simple:Press Version 5.5 – Post Flood Control

Posted on May 09, 2014

update-newsThere is another new feature coming in Simple:Press 5.5! We are happy to announce the introduction of post flood control!

With flood control, you will be able to limit the rate at which posts are made to your forum by any single user (or guest). The flood control time will be an admin option for your forum. Additionally, there will be a new permission “Bypass wait time between posts” that will enable you to disable the post flood control for specific combinations of forums, usergroups and permission sets.

With post flood control, you will now have another arrow in your quiver against the spam attacks of bots or wayward users. Happy hunting!

Stay tuned for a coming post on the introduction of child themes in Simple:Press 5.5 as well as additional updates on the development of 5.5. At this time, we are targeting early June for the release of 5.5.