Slipping in a 5.1.1 Update

Posted on Jun 08, 2012

Following the discovery of one or two annoying little bugs we have decided to release a quick 5.1.1 update which already contains a small handful of items that were originally destined for version 5.2.0.

Apart from those pesky bug fixes you will also find a few changes to the search tool – the main one of which is that you can allow your users to return to their last search results – just where they left them. This means that after looking at a thread from the search results you can regain the search list at any time. There are also a couple of new options to the popup image tool where you can select to not constrain the image to the available window size as well as an option to force your text to a new line after an image insert.

One item we have had on the users wish list for a long time has been the ability to display the moderators for each forum and there are now three new template functions that will allow for this. You can also now choose to not show individual status icons on the Group View. There is also a new and useful tool made available in the forum admin toolbox that will allow the admin to run any of the scheduled Cron tasks immediately.

We have thrown in a new template tag to display recent new topics – as opposed to posts – plus a new plugin that will display a list of topics that have not yet received any reply.

For a full list of the other fixes then please refer to the change log. And for details of theme modifications to support the changes to Search and to include the new forum moderators listing in your display then find the details on our Codex – theme changes in 5.1.1.