Some Upcoming Simple Press Plugins

Posted on May 17, 2013

pluginWith the recent delay in WP 3.6 (for all the right reasons, btw), we have had some extra time on our hands. We have our 5.3 release for compatibility with WP 3.6 essentially ready to go. So we decided to add some new, requested functionality via plugins. We thought we would give you a short preview here of the plugins we have been working on. Same may be release very soon, some with 5.3 and the rest shortly after the 5.3 release.

So, on to the list…

Blog Search – Now search your entire site, both forum posts and wp blog posts, from within the forum. This new plugin will show you results for your search terms in both the forum and the wp blog posts separated in search results tabs for easy viewing.

BuddyPress – Finally, the long awaited improved integration with the WP BuddyPress plugin. With this plugin you will be able to show forum activity in the BP activity stream, show forum links in the BP menus, integrate the BP and SP profiles into the BP profile and even share an avatar between BP and SP.

Maintenance Mode – Have you ever wanted to put the forum into maintenance mode to do some work or tweak your setup, but not wanted to take down your whole site? Now, with this plugin, you can temporarily put you forum in maintenance mode while you work on it and display custom message to your users.

Announcements – With this plugin, you can now display a custom announcement or new message to uses of your forum. The message location is completely customizable as is the message to your users.

Post Multiple – With this plugin, now you can create a new topic and have it posted in multiple forums at the same time. Of course, this ability is controlled by a new permission.

Topic Expire – Have you ever wanted to post a new topic and only have it ‘live’ for a specific period of time? The Topic Expire plugin lets you set an expiration date for a topic when you create it. You can also choose to either delete the topic at expiration or move it to another forum (ie an archive forum). You can also use the forum tools to set topic expiration on existing topics.

Membership Subscribe – With this plugin, you auto subscribe all users of user group to a forum when you assign the user group and a permission set to a forum.

In addition to these new plugins, you will see a slew of updates to existing plugins when SP 5.3 releases. This includes changes for performance and some bug fixes.

And of course, after 5.3 and these plugin updates, the next big thing is a mobile theme. It really is getting close and we are super excited about it. Just imagine how your forum would look when properly formatted on a mobile device!!