SPF Version 4.1 Goes Gold!

Posted on Sep 12, 2009

The time has come! The long awaited version 4.1.0 of Simple:Press Forum is now available for download. You can grab the latest version on our downloads page.

For an overview of the new features and bug fixes in v4.1.0 please visit our preview post. In addition, if you are details oriented, you can see all the tickets (380 in all!) that make up v4.1.0 in our Mantis bug tracker page for 4.1.0.

In addition, we at Simple:Press Forum are proud to announce a couple of new things here.

First, when you download the new 4.1.0 and visit the admin, you will notice that the online help is missing. What? Why? Well, we are happy to announce in conjunction with the 4.1 Gold release, the initial deployment of the Simple:Press Forum Wiki. All the information you are used to in the online help, plus lots more, is now available on the Wiki. The Wiki is also a community site, so we encourage SPF users to contribute to the Wiki and pass on information to the rest of the community. The Wiki is not complete but we feel ready for launch. We will continue to update it in the coming days.

Second, Simple:Press Forum is now on Twitter. Yeah, maybe we are a little slow, but now you can follow Simple:Press Forum on Twitter and get the latest updates on what’s going on with SPF. You will get unique little tidbits about SPF and its developers, as well as insight into what’s happening with SPF. So be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Well, that’s all for now! Andy and Steve are busy digging into the next 4.2 version, but as always will be available for support in our Support Forum. If you are interested in checking out what’s planned for 4.2, you can visit our Mantis V4.2 bug tracker page.