The Next Year at Simple:Press

Posted on Jul 28, 2017

There is much happening in the Simple:Press world at the moment including an upcoming 5.8 version with a completely updated API/structure; the laying down of a more robust foundation for future styling options and plans for retirement.

The New API

The long overdue conversion of our core API structure and objects to classes is well under way and, along with rewritten and more robust JavaScript, will form the basis of the next major update.

This 5.8 release will be all about laying down a firm, new foundation for the future which includes advancing our ambition of making future style customisations easier.

And while we are not planning to introduce too many new features there will undoubtedly be some – and we will post about those in due course and as they get included.


After 11 years of nurturing the Simple:Press plugin from it’s simple beginnings to today’s sophisticated and powerful plugin, both myself (Yellow Swordfish) and Steve (Mr Papa) have made the decision that retirement is overdue. We both have other projects that need attention and feel it is time to pass on the baton to someone new.

We are both committed to staying with the project for one year to honour our commitments made to membership purchasers. The one year clock will be starting the countdown on August 1st.

What does this mean for our users? Hopefully, business as usual. We will continue to man the support forums, release updates with minor features and bug fixes as needed, and generally help users with their problems.

And, starting today, we are actively seeking people to take over the project to ensure it continues seamlessly into the future.

If that person is you… then please contact us to discuss options and details.

We will also be suspending the availability of purchasing new Platinum and Gold memberships. This is to ensure that there are no commitments to new users extending past our retirement date. If things go to plan, this is only temporary until we find someone to be the new owner of Simple:Press.

We, of course, will keep everyone up to date on the latest info as we progress down this path.

And to our many users, new and longer term – thanks for your continued support of Simple:Press!

Do keep a watch here for further news.