With 5.7.1 Quickly Following Behind

Posted on Aug 20, 2016

A few people noticed the problem we left in forum special rank assignments which, considering the entire JavaScript was rewritten in 5.7 isn’t really that bad!

So – the fix for that is in 5.7.1 released today. And – as we had already completed one or two small developments a few extras have slipped in as well. Like a couple of new permissions for viewing images and media in posts and a clean-up and optimisation of our SP plugin listing which should now load somewhat faster. And a few ‘under the hood’ tweaks.

On the plugin front, a small display bug in the Polls creation form has also been fixed and our File Uploader has been updated to fix the problem that many uploaders have (including at the moment WP add media) of displaying portrait JPEG images in landscape orientation. Both of these plugins will be released imminently as well.