With the Spring Comes Simple:Press Version 5.6.5

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

sprint-mowingAnd the lawnmower. Winter in our part of England was so mild this year that the grass hardly stopped growing so it was good to get the mower out and give the lawn a shave. And that freshly cut-grass smell is so Spring.

All of which has nothing to do with out latest Simple:Press release which, if we timed it right, should be hot on the heels of WordPress 4.5 which it requires. There are, perhaps, no big-ticket items in 5.6.5 – just some 85 or so fixes, tweaks, clean-ups and improvements. And we hope whatever you may be waiting for we have provided or fixed up.

As always – the change log in the forum admin toolbox can provide more detail on all the items. And the usual Codex page has all of the theme changes for those with custom Simple:Press themes.