WordPress 3.9.0 and Simple:Press 5.4.2 Land Together

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

wineWell it was a bit of a scramble but we got there pretty quickly I think. We never get any warning when the WordPress team will pull the trigger on a new release and in these cases where we know that Simple:Press needs to be updated immediately afterwards it is easy to be caught off-guard or – in my case – asleep!

It may not show too much on the outside but under the hood WordPress has changed a lot and you will need to upgrade both. This is particularly true of the TinyMCE Editor plugin where the old one will simply stop functioning.

Along with the two new plugins announced last week – MyCred Extended Integration and Achievements Integration, many other Simple:Press plugins were made available last night and we do recommend that everyone takes a look at their WordPress update admin page and, if updating to WP 3.9.0, run the update for all of the Simple:Press releases as well.

As always there have been some theme changes. A few of these were necessary because of changes to the WordPress CSS and some are small display tweaks but might be worth working through if you run a custom Simple:Press theme. Apologies for there being so many this time around. You can find the details, as always, on the Codex Theme Changes 5.4.2 page.

Finally and again – as always – you can check the change log for 5.4.2 under the Simple:Press Toolbox > Change Log panel. Note that you can do this before you upgrade if desired.

So I am off now to have a well earned glass of red to toast the end of another development cycle and to welcome in the next.