You Can’t Please All Of The People All Of The Time

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

Since March 10th, 2012, we have been asking for a small membership fee to access our support forums, codex and to download plugins and themes. The reason we implemented this membership model was revealed in a post on that date which you can read here.

Was the move successful? Well the good news is we are still here, still continuing to develop Simple:Press and still full of ideas of where we want to go next. And while we wont retire rich we do earn enough now to cover costs and to perhaps enjoy the odd glass of wine!

public-accessBut every now and then – and don’t get me wrong because this is a good thing – we do get some criticism of our ‘business’ model with alternative strategies being suggested or even recommended. And the curious thing is – they are nearly always quite different from those suggested before. Seems no two people can agree on what is the best way to do this – proving the sentiment in the title of this post!

But one thing has stood out and that is the suggestion that we have at least one forum available for non-members to ask some general questions about Simple:Press that they would like answers to before they sign up for a membership. So, starting today, we are launching a ‘Non-Members Area’ forum for just this purpose. We can not offer support through this forum – for obvious reasons – but will try and answer anything else within reason.