Blog Post Linking

Turn Blog Posts into Forum Topics and Comments into Replies

The Simple:Press Blog Post Linking plugin allows blog post authors to automatically have a new forum topic created in the forums.  The topic can be created:

  • In a pre-set default forum or
  • A forum selected on the WordPress Write Post admin screen.

It will also optionally keep the blog post and forum topic initial post in sync should there be further editing.

Screenshot showing the admin interface of the Blog linking addon

Only authors who have permission can create posts that link to the forums.

The plugin extends further than just basic forum posts, providing a couple of additional syncing options:

  • Comments on the blog post can also automatically become replies on the forum topic and visa versa – allowing you to use the more natural format of a forum for comments on your posts and allowing you to take advantage of all the security and permission features of Simple:Press. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to not display potentially large numbers of comments on their posts.
  • Syncing will also work the other way – it can optionally create new blog posts when a new topic is started in the forums.

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