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Product Description

Although Simple:Press comes with a standard and effective 'math question' spam prevention check, the Captcha plugin takes it even further!  By adding a drag and drop system where getting past involves dragging a requested image into a drop area, it makes defeating by bots a lot harder!

The Simple:Press Captcha


The Captcha appears in the post save area which is perfect for guests or first post moderation, and can also be extended into user registration to help prevent unwanted sign-ups.

Registration form with TimeZone selection. Also shown with our Captcha plugin


The drag-and-drop requirement is relatively unique among captcha operations which also means it is less likely that bots have custom code that attempts to bypass it! Why use a Google captcha that all bots are trying to defeat when you can use this one that few bots even know about?

Basic Requirements

  • PHP 7.1 or later. 
  • PHP 7.4 recommended
  • Official PHP 8.x support on the way
  • WordPress 5.4 or later.
  • WordPress 6.x recommended
  • WordPress installed on Linux and MYSQL
  • WordPress installed on Linux and MariaDB recommended
  • Simple:Press Forums 6.8.1 or later
  • A standard WP Theme (not a Full-Site-Editing theme)


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Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements for this product.

Support Level


Unless otherwise specified above, the support level for this product should be assumed to be COMMUNITY/BASIC. Upgrade to Premium support with our Platinum offer! Read about our support levels in our Support FAQs


Version 2.0.0

  • Added: Simple:Press 6.0 compatibility

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

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