Forum Ranks Information

Let your Users see your Forum Ranking plan – and their own Ranking Targets

If you are a user of the core Simple:Press Forum and/or Special Ranking systems then you may like to install this plugin that will show your users what your various ranks are set to. Let them see how many posts they need to make before being promoted. Or what the next level is for them to achieve.

The Forum and Special Ranks Listing



Setup Standard Ranks

Setup standard ranks based on the number of posts.  Automatically promote members to new groups as they achieve ranks.


Create Special Ranks

Special ranks can be created and assigned to members.  These ranks override the standard ranks.  For example, you might want to create a VIP rank.

Control Display of Ranks

Display User Ranks On Each Post

User ranks and associated badges can be displayed on each post


Need more than one add-on?

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