Gravatar Cache

Boost Performance of downloading User Gravatars

If you and your community are using the ever popular Gravatars on your forum, then this plugin is a must have. Every time a Gravatar is loaded on a page it has to be requested and retrieved from the Gravatar server.  However this plugin will cache them to dramatically increase performance.

This plugin is plug-and-play – just activate it and the plugin will go to work, caching your users Gravatars as they are retrieved and used.

More About Gravatars

“Gravatar” is the commonly used short name for “Globally Available Avatars”.   The Gravatar service is actually managed by a subsidiary of the same company behind WordPress.  A user will create an account on the Gravatar service and upload one or more images to be used as their avatar.  Then, any site [where the user uses the same email address] can contact the Gravatar service to retrieve the user’s avatar for display.

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