HTML Editor

Use the same Editor as the Text option for writing Blog Posts

Directed at users who are comfortable editing in HTML, this editor allows the following:

  • One-click auto html tag insertion for popular html tags
  • Additional commonly used HTML codes to be used manually – of which a list is available via the Quicktags HTML editor plugin page in the Simple:Press documentation.

The HTML Editor

For peace of mind, potentially dangerous HTML codes such as ’embed’, ‘iframe’ and ‘input’ are not available.

User Choices

Once installed your users will have the option to choose individually which editor they want to use. They will be shown a list of all active editors from within their profile and they can choose the one that they’re most comfortable using.  Some users will like our bbcode editor while others will prefer this one and yet others will prefer our tinyMCE editor.

User Selection of Editor

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