Modern 2020 Theme

A Responsive Simple:Press Forums theme for Desktop, Tablet and Phone with built in Customizer.

The Modern 2020 theme was introduced with Simple:Press 6.5.0.

Features of this theme:

  • More modern looking with larger default font sizes and button sizes.
  • Less use of tiny icons
  • More color customization options
  • Better display on mobile
  • More white space

Just like our previous default theme, Barebones, you can customize the colors of many elements. However, unlike that theme, we are including pre-defined color overlays so that you can more easily match your site colors with a couple of clicks.

Learn more about this theme in our release article.

All theme screenshots are taken from our support forum and may contain elements, such as custom icons, that are not pre-supplied but can be added by the end-user or, in some cases, are added by additional premium plugins.

Child Theme Framework

If you need to customize your Modern 2020 theme then the Modern 2020 Child Framework is what you need.


Change Log


  • Initial public release.


  • Initial internal release

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