Polls And Surveys

A favourite of forums everywhere – ask your Users to Vote

If you need a fully featured and tightly controlled polling system for your forums then look no further than this Simple:Press add-on!

The Create a New Poll form


With this plugin you can:

  • You can elect to allow polls to be created in every post or just the first post of a topic.
  • Set a default option for the duration of a poll until expiration.
  • Customize the appearance of the poll results bars
  • Specify how users are tracked with respect to multiple voting.
  • Track voters by cookie, IP address, a combination of cookie and IP or by user id.
  • A manage polls panel shows you some simple stats for all the polls running on your forums.
  • View the logs for a poll. See who voted and what their vote was.
  • and more…

An extensive options page provide everything you need to create these flexible and unique forum polls:

Poll Management Control Panel

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