Reboot Theme

A Responsive theme for Desktop, Tablet and Phone Use built with CSS3

Reboot’s crisp, clean look has made it popular amongst Simple:Press users. It is a fully responsive theme built using many new CSS3 features.

It comes bundled with 12 ‘overlays’ – colour variations – to help match a users WP theme base styling. A child theme framework for Reboot is available for download to aid user customisation.

Note that any Simple:Press theme sits on top of your WordPress theme and to fully achieve Reboot’s responsiveness on different platforms then a WordPress responsive theme is also required.


Note: All theme screenshots are taken from our own support forum and may contain elements, such as custom icons, that are not pre-supplied but can be added by the end-user or, in some cases, from additional plugins
Fun-Fact:  The name “Re-boot” has no relation to the very popular CSS Bootstrap framework.  It’s called Reboot because its a “reboot” or “restart” of our themes – the first theme in a new approach to the way we make our themes.

Child Theme Framework

If you need to customise your Reboot theme then the Reboot Child Framework is what you need.

Reboot Child Theme Framework

Customise your Theme safely with our Child Theme Framework

Need more than one add-on?

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