Share This

Allow your Users to keep their community up to date and informed through a variety of Social Networks

Share This utilizes the Share This service and allows you to easily keep a community extended into social networking, up to date and informed, while also serving as a great promotional tool. Provide your users with the ability to share forum topics and posts with all the major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr and more using 9 predefined popup themes.

There’s no need to register with the Share This service to get started as you can use a generic public key. Although you wont have any access to sharing analytics data it allows you the full functionality of being able to share. And for those already registered with Share This, you can add your publisher ID in the plugin settings to allow access to site specific sharing stats.

Select from a number of button styles:

As well from a number of widget themes:

Need more than one add-on?

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