Subscriptions (Email Notifications For Users)

Subscribe to email notifications of topics or forums – or just those a user posts to

Allowing your community to keep up to date with their interests, this plugin lets your users subscribe to topics or entire forums and receive email notifications of new activity.

Subscriptions adds subscribe / unsubscribe buttons throughout the forum and integrates with the forum profile to make managing subscriptions straight forward.

You have full control over the functionality of Subscriptions from the Forum admin panel, including the ability to add, remove and even pre-set user options to make sure it does exactly what you need.

The Subscriptions Control Panel


And, users can easily manage their forum subscriptions:

Quickly see New Posts in Topics Subscribed to

From a users profile you can provide further front end options such as auto subscribe to streamline the process. To complete the end user experience Subscriptions also includes the option to receive daily or weekly digests.

Set User Options in the Profile


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