Syntax Highlighting

If your forum needs to display Program Code or SQL then use our Highlighter

If your forum involves the community posting program code or SQL in any quantity, the Syntax Highlighter is a must have. Highlighting and choosing a code language makes sure no rich text formatting slips through so others can view and copy the original intact code.

Selecting Code and Language in the Editor

Not only can you enable the Syntax Highlighter in the forum post editor, but it also extends into the WordPress blog post editor if set to do so. The only real configuration that this plugin needs is for you to set up which languages you want to support on the front end.  You can choose from a list of 20 available languages.

The Display in a Post

Please note that while Syntax Highlighting can be used with all editors, only our TinyMCE Rich Text Editor automates the process. All other editors need the required codes to be manually entered.

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