Template Tags and Widget

A collection of useful Template Tags, Short Codes and Widgets

Simple but incredibly useful, this plugin makes displaying elements of your forum elsewhere on your site as simple as using short-codes and template tags. Once installed and activated, template tags are enabled along with a link to a list of available tags, each with an individual usage page including description, arguments and examples.

Here is an example of using a short-code in a widget:

The corresponding result on the front end looks like this (actual view styles will vary with your WordPress theme)

These tags can not only be used throughout your WordPress theme templates, but on each tag you will also be provided with a short-code which can be used in posts, pages and widgets.

Here is where you can read about all the available template tags:  Simple:Press Template Tags

Recent Forum Posts

Also included with this plugin  is the popular and customizable ‘Recent Posts’ widget, which can be used in any of your WordPress widgets slots.

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