Topic Status

Setup Status Sequence Keywords for your Topics

The Topic Status  allows you to create a sequence of status keywords that can be applied to a topic sequentially. Think of a support forum where a topic starts as ‘New’ and continues through questions marking it ‘Unresolved’ until it reaches ‘Resolved’ or perhaps ‘Invalid’ and finally ‘Closed’.

The status will show up at the top of the thread:

Current Status shown on Topic Header

The plugin allows for as many different status ‘sets’ as you need which can then be optionally applied to a  forum.

The Topic Status Control Panel

Security Controls

Each status in a status set can be restricted to one or more user groups:


Other Features

  • Each status can be assigned a different background color
  • A status can automatically LOCK a topic when applied – this is useful when you want to just “close” a topic
  • You can select a status to be automatically assigned to each topic if the user does not choose one for themselves.

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