Warnings and Suspensions

Warn, Suspend and Ban misbehaving Users quickly and easily

A must have for any community – growing or well established, this plugin gives you all the user control you should need with the added bonus of being easily accessible directly on the front end.

By using the forum tools available on each post, you can:

  • Issue warnings for a period defined by you
  • Suspend a user automatically, optoinally placing them in a User Group of your choice for a chosen period
  • Completely ban a user, automatically moving them in to a selected User Group to be un-banned at your discretion.

Use the Forum Tools

These actions are all fully customizable.  You can:

  • Set appropriate permissions
  • Set the User Groups you want to use for suspended or banned users
  • Write custom warning, suspension and ban messages
  • Determine how those message are delivered.

Admin Control Panels

User Notification and Admin Panels

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