Simple:Press news

  • Redesign of the Simple:Press website

    We are excited to announce a major redesign of the Simple:Press website! The old website has been around for quite some time and has accumulated a lot of baggage over the years. In order to make it easier to evolve the website, we have decided to start anew with a fresh installation of WordPress and […]

  • Security Release: Simple:Press Version 6.8.1

    A researcher out of Germany, Laokoon Security, recently reported a couple of security related issues they uncovered during an audit for one of their clients. These issues have been resolved in Simple:Press V 6.8.1. If you’re running any version earlier than this you should upgrade ASAP. If for some reason you’re still running Version 5.x […]

  • Simple:Press Release 6.6.6

    WordPress 5.9 is the gift that keeps on giving… This time around we’ve had to patch the drag-and-drop JS component in it to make it compatible. Upgrade to Simple:Press 6.6.6 to get the fix. The update should be in your WordPress automatic updates page. We’ve tested the fix with WP 5.8 and 5.9 but not […]