Simple:Press news

  • New Release: Simple:Press 6.2

    In this new version of Simple:Press, we will be focusing on providing additional options for selecting icons that can be used in Forum Lists, Ranks and Reputation. This is a small, incremental step in focusing our attention on the overall User Interface and User Experience in Simple:Press. Introducing SVG Icon Sets In version 6.1 and […]

  • Writing Custom Importers For Simple:Press Forums

    Introduction Simple:Press has an importer plugin that imports data from a variety of legacy forum systems including bbPress, wpForo and Asgaros. One of the objectives when we created the importer was to make it easy for your average developer to quickly create an importer for any forum. To that end we included a framework that, […]

  • Three Uses For Our Ads Plugin

    When we designed our Ads plugin, we realized early on that it could be used for more than just ads. Which is why it was designed with maximum flexibility around its core features. So, here are three uses for the Ads plugin – only one of which might be immediately obvious from its name. Serving […]