Announcing a Day Off

Posted on Jul 05, 2015

tannoy-righttannoy-leftIt is the website here that is going to take a day off – not us! A day from today in fact – Saturday 11th July 2015. Well – hopefully not all day but quite probably most of it.

After a few years of little tweaks here, small changes there, quick theme-changes on a Thursday afternoon – we have spent several weeks preparing a complete and total overhaul of – well – just about everything. But we are also changing our main membership plugin and that is going to need us to take careful and uninterrupted control of the swtchover processing.

We are also moving to the exceptional Easy Digital Downloads which quite rightly forces us to improve all of the write-ups on our own plugins and keep better records and track of what our users want from us.

So the website takes a day off – but we will we toiling away in the background to get things back up and live as swiftly as possible. We will announce later in the week a starting time for the maintenance work to begin and apologise in advance for any difficulties it may cause anyone – just in case they need us that day.