How We Increased Performance On Our Site By 300%

A few days ago we moved our site from Liquid Web to our new FireupWP and WPCloudDeploy project platform. This new platform allows us to use dedicated cloud VMs from places like Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr. We pay the cost of the VMs with no markup which provides huge savings over regular hosts. We […]

Short Take: How To Fire Up Your Own WordPress Server

There are many reasons to run your own WordPress server. If this is something you’re thinking about, there are a number of resources that you can tap into in order to make this happen. In this article we provide two resources you can use to get the job done.

New Simple:Press Forum Theme: Modern 2020

A new default theme is coming to Simple:Press Forums with the release of Simple:Press Forums 6.5.0. Features of this theme: More modern looking with larger default font sizes and button sizes. Less use of tiny icons More color customization options Better display on mobile More white space Just like our previous default theme, Barebones, you […]

Move To Semantic Versioning Complete

If you’ve never heard the term “semantic version”, don’t feel bad – most end users of software have never heard the term either. But more and more, software is using the concept to govern the release numbers that are assigned to new public releases. In the case of Simple:Press, we’ve completed our to move to […]

The Fastest WordPress Host

Editor Note: We wrote this article back in 2019 but since then we’ve had a change of heart as services have evolved. One year can make a world of difference! Check out and instead. Seriously – we believe we have found the fastest generalized WordPress hosting service. There’s simply no need to mince […]

Call For Articles – $300.00

Have you used the Simple:Press WordPress forum plugin for a while and know how to really make it work for you? And maybe even know how to make it work for others? If so, you might be the perfect person to write an article or two for our site. Why would you want to do […]

Survey Results – And Our Plans

We sent out a survey last week asking our users to let us know what we should be building next. Here are the results from that survey and our plans for using those results. We would like offer a HUGE “Thank You” to all of our users who responded to this survey. While the survey […]

What Should We Build Next?

We have lots of ideas for Simple:Press – so many in fact that we need your help to focus our attention on the ones most useful to you. So, we’ve created a simple one-question survey that will help narrow our focus. We will share the results of the survey and then let you know which […]

Transitioning To GIT for Version Control

Introduction For most of Simple:Press’s life, version control has been done using Subversion (aka svn). Subversion is a great centralized version control system in use by thousands of companies. However, over the last few years, developers have been moving towards a more decentralized and ‘smarter’ version control system known as git. Even Microsoft, with their […]

Deprecation and End-Of-Life Support Policies

Introduction The Simple:Press WordPress Forum plugin has been under continuous development for 12+ years now.  In that time, we have included features that made sense at the time but no longer makes sense now.  And, we have had numerous versions in that time frame, some with security issues that have since been resolved. It is […]