At Last WordPress 3.1 and Simple:Press 4.4.0

Posted on Feb 23, 2011

It’s been a longer wait than usual for WordPress 3.1 to finally be launched but launched it has been and we are pleased to be able to follow up quickly with Simple:Press version 4.4.0.

Virtually all of the features, enhancements and changes in 4.4.0 have already been written up during the beta and release candidate phases so there really is nothing to add except to say we are pleased it is now out there and available to all of our users. Just don’t forget that you will need to upgrade to WordPress 3.1 first.

We have been very busy over the last couple of months rewriting code for our version 5 which we are extremely excited about as it will be a radical change. Over the next couple of months we hope to write up some of the things we have done and are planning and hope that as soon as we are ready, some of you may join us in giving early alpha versions a test run. More on that later.

Thanks to all of our users and a special thanks for those who have already completed – or are beavering away at this very moment – working on translations for version 4.4.0.