bbPress vs Simple:Press – A Detailed Comparison

In this artile we’re going to go in-depth and hands-on to compare two of the most established WordPress forum plugins – Simple:Press and bbPress.

Simple:Press Faceoff With SaaS – Simple:Press vs Discourse vs ForumBee

In this article, we’ll go in-depth into three tools that help you create a forum on WordPress sites. We’ve already compared Simple:Press to other WordPress plugins so this article will compare it to a couple of SaaS Services – ForumBee and Discourse

Best WordPress Forum Plugin: Simple:Press vs. wpForo vs Asgaros Forum

Compare three WordPress Forum Plugins: Simple:Press, wpForo and Asgaros. 3000+ words dives much deeper into these forum plugin options compared to your standard comparison review!

Simple:Press VS bbPress

If you’re looking for forum software there’s a good chance you’ve already encountered bbPress!

bbPress is, quite possibly, the most popular forum plugin for WordPress – by far! It has over 300,000 installations!
So why would you choose anything else? Well, here are three reasons to consider:

Simple:Press WordPress Forum Plugin VS SAAS Services

Most users looking to establish a discussion or support forum on a WordPress site quickly find themselves overwhelmed with options. Between the WordPress plugin options, the SAAS (software-as-a-service)/Hosted options and the various PHP scripts being sold for peanuts, its a daunting task to figure out exactly which one will most closely match their sites’ needs.