Security Release: Simple:Press Version 6.8.1

A researcher out of Germany, Laokoon Security, recently reported a couple of security related issues they uncovered during an audit for one of their clients. These issues have been resolved in Simple:Press V 6.8.1. If you’re running any version earlier than this you should upgrade ASAP. If for some reason you’re still running Version 5.x […]

Deprecation and End-Of-Life Support Policies

Introduction The Simple:Press WordPress Forum plugin has been under continuous development for 12+ years now.  In that time, we have included features that made sense at the time but no longer makes sense now.  And, we have had numerous versions in that time frame, some with security issues that have since been resolved. It is […]

Simple:Press Product Updates For September 2018

We recently released some minor updates to Simple:Press and a couple of related plugins.  One update included a security fix that was responsibly reported by Blaise Fiedler on behalf of In total 3 plugins were updated.  Here is a summary of those updates: Simple:Press Core: New version Fix: Security Vulnerability that could allow […]

Critical Security Update – Version Released

Today, we have released an urgent security update to Simple:Press. We strongly encourage you to update your sites running Simple:Press immediately. This release corrects a potential sql injection vulnerability in the search function of Simple:Press. The bug was reported by a Simple Press user that wishes to remain anonymous. We want to thank him for […]

Simple:Press 4.4.3 (Security Release) Now Available

Today, we have released Simple:Press Version 4.4.3. This is an urgent security release and we urge all Simple:Press users to upgrade as soon as possible. We would like to thank Paul Murphy for alerting us to a security hole in the avatar uploader which is the primary reason for this release. Additionally, we have included […]

Security Update Released

We have today released update 4.3.5 which contains an important security fix and we recommend ALL users of Simple:Press to upgrade. Version 4.3.5 requires WordPress version 3 and, if you have not already upgraded WordPress to their 3.0.3 release we recommend you do that as well as this was also an update to fix a […]

Security Release 4.1.3 Now Available

Simple:Press Forum V4.1.3 is now available for download. This release is primarily a security release and is recommended for ALL users of SPF. A couple of potential security issues have arisen and we wanted to get those holes plugged as quickly as possible. This release does contain a few minor bug fixes for a couple […]