Deprecation and End-Of-Life Support Policies

Posted on Nov 04, 2018


The Simple:Press WordPress Forum plugin has been under continuous development for 12+ years now.  In that time, we have included features that made sense at the time but no longer makes sense now.  And, we have had numerous versions in that time frame, some with security issues that have since been resolved.

It is normal for software companies to have a formal process for transitioning old versions of product to “end-of-life” status and to communicate that policy to their users. As such we created this document to formally communicate our policies and processes to our new and existing customers.

With this post we aim to clarify to all of our customers:

We hope that with this information we can help you to reliably plan transitions and upgrades to supported versions. (For many reasons, including security and compatibility with WordPress, we strongly encourage our customers to upgrade to new versions when available!)

Supported Versions

Generally, support will end for older versions one year (12 months) after a newer version is available or one year after its initial release.  This means that:

Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are those that will be removed in a future version. A deprecated feature will continue to function until the date it is removed.  The purpose of moving a feature to deprecated status is to alert customers ahead of time that it is going to be removed – this allows for an orderly transition to a replacement if necessary.

Below are features that are deprecated or will be deprecated in the future.  If, for some reason you are still using these features, please be sure that you transition to alternatives asap.



Going forward, only three themes are supported:

All other themes are deprecated.

PHP Versions

Support for version PHP version 5.6.x was removed at the end of 2019.  This does not mean that Simple:Press will suddenly break or not run on PHP version 5.6.0 after 2019 – it just means that we will no longer test future development on that version or support it going forward.

We are doing this because PHP version 5.6 no longer receives updates and security updates were terminated at the end of 2018.  So we strongly recommend that users move to at least PHP 7.4 sooner rather than later!  Note that even PHP 7.0 no longer receives security updates – those were discontinued after Dec 2018!  So if you need to transition, it is best to transition to at least 7.4.

Simple:Press will continue to be tested in and support offered under PHP 7.2 or later versions of the 7.x line.

You can find out more about the PHP end-of-life and support schedule here:  PHP end-of-life and support.