SPF V4.0 New Feature – Mulitple Admins

Posted on Nov 20, 2008

multiple-adminsA feature we had requested many times will now be included in Simple:Press Forum V4.  That feature is multiple admins.  Existing SPF allowed any WP admin access to the backend, but the front end was limited to a single admin.

Now, in V4, multiple admins can be defined.  In addition, those admins do not have to be WP admins.  SPF V4 defines new capabilities that allow you to assign SPF admin access to any WP user.  Additionally, you can selectively define which admin pages that user can access.  This allows you to control individually the access rights on the backend for SPF admins.  All SPF admins will have complete front end access.

Each Admin also has a list of options that they can use to customize to their admin front end display.  SPF V4 still includes the same moderator structure as previous versions, but now they too can use the same list of options to customize their front end display.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.