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The feature rich free core forum plugin for WordPress.

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Welcome to the download page for Simple:Press – the number one forum plugin that integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website. Whether you need a small private forum or a large public area, Simple:Press will scale to the needs of your community and offers the features normally only available from a stand-alone forum application.

We’re the only WordPress Forum Vendor that provides a comprehensive, ridiculously feature-rich Forum Plugin.  Unlike our competitors (cough, cough, bbpress), you can get all the features you need from one vendor instead of trying to cobble together the features you need using plugins from multiple vendors.

With Simple:Press you get one-stop shopping with all the features you might need and one-stop shopping for support too!

Simple:Press is driven by themes and templates that makes customizing your forum to your own design and requirements a reality. Plus built in support for forum plugins means that Simple:Press can be extended in any way imaginable. Both Themes and and our extensive library of premium add-ons/plugins are available for download in the Store.

The basic Simple:Press core plugin for WordPress is free to try and use – we hope you like it!


You can download and install version 6.x of Simple:Press from


Or you can click the Add To Cart button above and go through the check-out process here to register on the site and download directly from here.  Why would you do that?  Because sometimes we release newer versions here first before making it available on


Need Installation Help?

Check out our community support forum where you can get help from and offer help to other users.  

Upgrading from V5.X to a later version of 5.X

Please follow the notes to upgrade your Version 5 Simple:Press system

Screen Shots

Want to see what the software might look like? Checkout a couple of screenshots below or you can just view our forum.

Administration screen for adding/editing forums

Need more than one add-on?

Get this and more than 70 other add-ons, plus premium support, for $199.