Watch Topics (Formerly Watches)

Let your Users Bookmark Topics they want to Watch

Not to be confused with Subscriptions, think of setting a ‘Watch’ as more like creating a Bookmark.

Watches works as more of an in forum notification system, instead of sending Emails. Logged in users will have the ability to keep up with interesting topics via the conveniently added ‘Watch’ button attached to the bottom of topics, and underneath the reply editor. Also added will be a new ‘Watches’ button in the header of the forum for users to review and un-watch, although this can also be done on an individual level from within a watched topic itself.

Simply install, activate and go.

Set a Watch on a Topic

Watches doesn’t include any administrative options as none are necessary, although it does add a new permission so you can control which user group you want to have the ability to watch topics.

Review the Watched Topics

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