A Quick Update

A late breaking change to the just released WordPress 4.9 meant that we needed to get a quick update out to our users which should appear in your WP updates page next time you take a look. If you have updated to WP 4.9 – then this update is a must have as it ensures […]

Threaded Posts and Blog Comments

Threaded Posts One of the most often requested features by Simple:Press users has been for threaded posts. It has taken a while and we are not quite ready to release it, but we think we have cracked it at last! And you can try it out on our support forums. We plan to have it […]

Simple:Press 5.6.7 Bug Fix Release

Version 5.6.7 is mainly a small bug fix release. This fixes some minor issues that include: The new admin side members listing Support for the Albanian language Some WP theme menu issues Improper use of the ’empty’ php function Some character issues in the AutoLink plugin Use of a mention when the first character in […]

Simple:Press 5.6.6 is Released

As promised, we are pleased to release version 5.6.6 of the core Simple:Press plugin. It may seem a little soon after 5.6.5 but as a few people discovered, we lost our ‘hack’ to correct the damage done by WP themes using the Bootstrap JavaScript library. So 5.6.6 puts it back where it belongs. But just […]

Announcing a Day Off

It is the website here that is going to take a day off – not us! A day from today in fact – Saturday 11th July 2015. Well – hopefully not all day but quite probably most of it. After a few years of little tweaks here, small changes there, quick theme-changes on a Thursday […]

SImple:Press Version 5.1.2 Update #3

Yes, that’s right. We have finally decided what to call the next version. It really hinged around timing and content. As we have stated before, we want to shoot for more smaller, manageable updates rather than fewer larger ones. Thus, the next release will indeed be called 5.1.2. That’s a slight misnomer has there are […]

V5 Goes Into Beta At Last

After a long year of redesign, restructuring and rewriting of all the code, Version 5 of Simple:Press has finally reached beta and is now available for download – later than we imagined when we started but – hopefully – better and more rugged for the long gestation. We would especially like to thank all those […]

At Last WordPress 3.1 and Simple:Press 4.4.0

It’s been a longer wait than usual for WordPress 3.1 to finally be launched but launched it has been and we are pleased to be able to follow up quickly with Simple:Press version 4.4.0. Virtually all of the features, enhancements and changes in 4.4.0 have already been written up during the beta and release candidate […]

Simple:Press Version 4.3.4 Released

Today, we have released Simple:Press version 4.3.4. This is primarily a bug fix but does contain a few minor new features. As usual, we recommend this upgrade to all users. You can see all the tickets incorporated in this release by view our 4.3.4 Bug Tracker Page. This release should end the development line for […]

Upgrading to WP 2.8.1?

If you are planning to upgrade your WordPress site to their shiny new version 2.8.1 then you will require version 4.0.4 of Simple:Press Forum which fully supports the administration and menu changes that have been made. Please visit the download page for all the usual download options including a set of patch files for those […]