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Paid job: Fix 2 issues that are only present using IE

Jan Goergen-makinson
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Mar 9, 2013 - 6:14 am

Our implementation of simple:press is working perfectly in all browsers apart from IE. There are 2 issues

1. File Upload plugin does not work (maybe a problem because IE by default uses silverlight) and Safari uses runtime html5

after creating a post correctly then trying to edit....

2. Save edited post button does not work in IE

Would like the programmer to also do a full test of our installation.

PM me for web details as site is in beta



Mr Papa
Simi Valley, CA
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Mar 9, 2013 - 8:29 am

couple things first...

we do NOT use silverlight by default, even in IE...  the first preference is html 5 - always...

    $runtimes = apply_filters('sph_plugload_runtimes' , 'html5,silverlight,flash,html4', $plup['type']);

so if you are not getting html 5, you are liking using an older version of IE...  IE 10 for example is fully html 5 capable... We do support IE 10, 9 and 8...  and nothing wrong with silverlight in the older versions either...  we routinely test...

you can use that filter to remove silverlight if you think that is an issue and fall back to IE 4 instead...

so likely a js conflict on your site.. see:

I will have BrandonC contact you about your request...