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Dec 18, 2014 - 10:11 am

For those who just want to see how the forum looks:

Note: This is a brand new forum and will be active on 01-01-2015 but the guest option is exactly how it will be on release so you can see how the forum looks like. 



Forum Functions:

Membership based website with Buddypress integration, Wishlist Members, MyCred point system, Woocommerce and of course everything connected to Simple Press.  

We wanted to get the community active on our forums and website and that is why we decided to use almost everything that Simple Press offered to its members in the plugin section. 

WishList Members for connecting Wordpress members with the Forum. 
Each forum group have some membership level access assigned to them. 


No Forum Access

If you don't have the right membership level you will get redirected.

MyCred point system to keep the community active and alive a good engaging way to get your community active. 

Woocommerce integration + MyCred payment to give our members access to the member paid section they don't have to spend real money but they can earn their private access to the section of the website by being active on the forum so they can earn points that they can spend to unlock the paid member section.

BuddyPress to give our members an engaging social aspect and Family feeling than only a community feeling. 

And of course the Forum powered by Simple Press (The only forum that gives me everything my hearth wanted). 

Why Simple Press?

I was looking for a forum that could integrate the website members on the forum because my website will be used with a private member area (content from the website only visible based on the member level). So I wasn't looking for a stand alone forum where each website member need to register again to gain access to the forum. Since I'm using WordPress I had a few choices. But Simple Press was the only one that provided the options I wanted.

My Simple Press Website First Impressions

The website for non members had a lot of information but I had my trust lost since the showcase was not up to date. Showcased forum was showing a website with a non usable forum (even showcasing a different forum than simple press). And most of them was with the standard delivered icons. So I had not a good point of view for what was possible with the forum itself. 

But then I saw 1 that appealed to me and I could see what was possible with it (still with a mixed feeling because of inactive forum or standard one).


Got my attention and I could see what was possible (and it didn't had to be in English because I only wanted to know what was possible with the looks and feel). 

Membership/ Support:

After contacting Simple Press support by email they responded very quickly. So I decided to go for a silver membership (since I knew I need a custom made theme to cut the cost). So thank you for providing a silver option since I have read a review that only the 99 dollar option was available so thank you guys for adding the silver option.

Forum Support 

The forum support is very fast and helpful so thank you guys for that. I have nothing to complain with the forum support you guys are fast and very helpful. Top Notch forum support!

Custom Theme

I got confused with who is making the theme. Since I saw Brandon responding on every custom theme request I assumed he was the only one that makes custom themes. So I was confused when Ike responded to my request. But after everything was cleared out Ike provided excellent support and theme creation for my needs and kept me up to date per email. So for my future theme request or changes I would probably ask for Ike. Not that the rest is not good but because I had an awesome experience of the progress that Ike has done for me with getting me up to date and being very very fast with changing my request. So since I only had Ike as my custom theme designer I will probably stick with Ike. So Ike thank you you are awesome! :)

So everyone in the Simple Press team thank you all for this amazing support and forum plugin. 
Will come back if I need you guys :P  

Hope I could help with my little review. (I would say remove the forum on your showcase that is not displaying a forum because it was not good for my first impression when I clicked on it and it shows an error from cforms II and not even an error for Simple Press itself. 

Keep up the awesome work! 

Yellow Swordfish
Glinton, England
Dec 18, 2014 - 1:43 pm

Thanks you for the review and also for the great commendations - we really do appreciate that.

And of course all at Simple:Press wish you the best of luck with the site and the forum and hope it goes well and takes off.

Sorry about the showcase. We only actually learned just a few days ago that cForms was no longer being supported and removing the showcase entry was on my list but I will go over and do that now.

For anyone reading this - we are always on the lookout for good showcase sites. All we ask is that the forum be established with a thriving membership and of course - if you have done some custom work to it all the better. And we do get a lot of users looking at the showcase page so it is also a good advert for your site - especially if you offer something a little different and eye-catching!

Sawtry, UK
Free Members
Dec 18, 2014 - 3:54 pm

Thanks for the kind words, the site and forum are looking great together.

As Mr Swordfish has said - Best of luck for the future!