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Hook To Delete Forum Cache

Clearwater Florida
Mar 30, 2018 - 10:10 am

With Google going mobile first in their algorithm. I'm experimenting with using my caching plugin wp-fastest cache on Simple:Press. Normally the forum page is excluded. After testing my site on Google page speed insights both mobile and desktop were green.

However the forum being uncached was yellow. Not too shabby but trying to improve the score i removed the forum page cache exclusion. Received a 89 green score which is great. But the problem is post additions or revisions to a topic are not visible until the cache is dumped.

I know wp-fastest cache clears it's cache when blog post comments are added. Is their anyway to have Simple:Press trigger a cache dump on new posts or post revision?

Thanks.. wink

Yellow Swordfish
Glinton, England
Mar 30, 2018 - 12:05 pm

It is a thought. If there is an API to the cache plugin then it could, indeed, be flushed. Although there would be a small penalty to pay for doing that and the sense in doing it at all would largely depend on how busy your forum is.

There are, however, other issues with caching the forum page. The time since a post was made becomes quickly inaccurate. Whether a user is logged in or not can be displayed incorrectly. In fact they could be served the wrong forum data either way which, for a security conscious site with public and private forums would be a disaster.

i would worry that having to flush a cache each time someone logs in or logs out; when a new post is made, when a new user registers etc., etc., might just end up not only defeating the object but costing time. But I will think on it.

Mr Papa
Simi Valley, CA
Free Members
Mar 30, 2018 - 1:45 pm

Think it's really big as Andy days  Keep in mind that all forum content appears on a single wp page.  So you would have to check the cache every page load. Even same user just going to a different topic woukd need a cache clear.

What needs to happen is the cache plugin needs to become canonical url aware instead of just wp page aware...then it could cache the url rewrite.magic page and possibly add some benefit