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Private Messaging Not Working
Indiana, USA
71 Posts
Jan 17, 2021 - 10:57 pm

Hello, We updated Simple:Press to Gold level and last month based on user request, added the Private Messaging plugin to enhance the experience.


I just learned today, it never worked. We have version Private Messaging 3.3.0 with Simple:Press version 6.6.2. When clicking the Options URI from the internal plugin, the panel opens with nothing as options, as seen in the attached graphic.  We deleted the plugin, reinstalled, refreshed, emptied cache, everything possible without any results.

simplepress-no-options-1.jpgImage Enlarger

There is no means of accessing the feature either: https://ehrmanblog.org/forum/


Simple Press
382 Posts
Jan 18, 2021 - 1:24 am

That looks like some sort of conflict with another plugin.  There’s really only one way to debug that sort of thing.  

First, take a backup of the site.  Then turn off all other WordPress plugins and switch your WordPress theme to one of the basic ones (like 2019 or 2020).  Then clear your browser cache and refresh.  The options should show up then.

Then, activate the plugins one by one until the issue shows up again.  The last plugin activated is usually the one that is conflicting.

If none of them causes the issue then chances are that the WP theme is the source of the conflict.

It’s a simple but tedious process but it usually lets you narrow down the conflicting plugin or theme.


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Indiana, USA
71 Posts
Jan 19, 2021 - 12:57 am

For some reason, I do not get notifications when support responds to my posts? I always check my junk folder daily, nothing.

I found the conflict. We have Memberpress version 1.9.10 installed and have to use Members version 3.1.3 by MemberPress  https://wordpress.org/plugins/members/ to allow users to have more than one role. The plugin Members directly conflict with Simple:Press. For example, the module Private Messaging in Simple:Press is rendered inoperative, including a blank settings panel when the Members 3.1.3 plugin General settings Capabilities: “Denied capabilities should always overrule granted capabilities” is selected active.

Members Version 3.1.3 hasn’t been updated in 4 months, therefore it probably needs some updates.

If anyone else uses MemberPress with Members, this one settings option cripples Simple:Press forum plugin.

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